Invitation Design Challenge

Zazzle has an exciting opportunity to design invitations: the Show Off Your Skills Design Challenge! It’s a great possibility to win $500 plus a home page feature, so I decided to make and send an entry to the challenge.


Casino Poker Night Birthday Party Personalized AnnouncementCasino Poker Night Birthday Party Personalized Announcement


If you’d like to show off your designer skills, you can register a Zazzle account here: Shop & Create on Zazzle

Their site’s designer tool is very simple, anybody can use it with no practice. Check out a little more information about this challenge here:

 The challenge will be on-going until June 30th.

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More invitation entries from fellow Zazzlers

Here are some examples which have been selected by Zazzle to show off: varios cut-off shapes, for regular (baby shower, birthday, sweet 16th, barbecue party, wedding, etc.) or extraordinary (divorce party, dadchelor party, poker night, 4th of July barbecue, retro vinyl disco, housewarming party, bachelorette party, etc.) occasions. Each one is really unique, both the papers and the printing are the highest quality.

Vintage Stripe 4th of July Party Personalized Invites by invitationstop Check out 4th of july Invitations online at zazzle

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