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Philately is probably meaningless in the 34th century, but I couldn’t resist to design a stamp featuring the almighty David Braben

Philately is probably meaningless in the 34th century, but I couldn’t resist to design a stamp featuring the almighty David Braben

“It’s DANGEROUS to go alone. Join him and find your place among the flying ELITE”

As an enthusiastic stamp collector I couldn’t resist to make a stamp version of my recent retro style sci-fi poster featuring the creator of Elite series, inspired by the old Soviet cosmonaut stamps.

Elite: Dangerous Stamp feat. David Braben

The illustration is vector-based, so it can be enlarged infinitely. The text, denomination and perforation was made with Photoshop. You can download the original, extra high resolution poster here: On popular demand I made a matching pair with an illustration of his certain coffee mug.
“Braben blend. The newest rare good. Prized for its rich aroma and body. Only grown in Sol.” – by Cmdr handsomeAniki

Short story of the stamps

Although I just wanted to express how I admire him, I was very afraid – thanks to my constant doubtfulness, which is typical of an artist like me – that David finds it disrespecful. So firstly I published the original retro poster on Twitter a bit fearfully, but the reaction was totally overhelmig: the official E:D immediately retweeted it, which encouraged me to make this stamp version of the poster. I wanted to create a really unique piece to connect two of my passions, stamp collecting and Elite: Dangerous with a little humor. Finally I was ready to post it on a more populous and critical social platform: on Reddit. Due to the global outcry of the Horizon’s pricing I expected a lot of anger against me and my “model” from the community, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everybody was nice and enthusiastic, there was no sign of haters at all. My concern about David would feel discomfort for my creation has been completely vanished when I discovered that the community team featured the stamps in the Comms Chatter and then in the weekly Newsletter. It was really great honour!

My intent was not to be in spotlight, only to express him how his fans – proud to be myself among them – love him for fulfilling our childhood’s dreams. And it is also heartwarming to see how this lovely person truly grateful for each and every compliment and praise what he gets for it.

And why almighty? He created the whole Galaxy with 400 billion star systems for us to explore. Who else would deserve this title?

Screenshot taken by Cmdr Mahddogg during the beta test

Cmdr Araen (me) and the guys from Sons of Seven Lords are gathering for a selfie.

Cmdr Araen (me in the Eagle) and the guys from Sons of Seven Lords are gathering for a selfie.

Exploring the galaxy with Cmdr Lord Titus

Exploring the galaxy with Cmdr Lord Titus

Cmdr Duvi was the first who put his ship down to our newly occupied outpost

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Screenshots and other artworks were created using assets and imagery from Elite: Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it. Assets borrowed from Elite: Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc.

Mineral deposit

Mineral deposit

… near my hometown. There are some little refuge dumps in front of the mine’s entrance. (permission is required for entry). I found there countless, huge pieces of jaspers and opals. The mining area is way more richer in mineral resources. Here is a little collection of mineral photos from the inside of the mine:
Can’t wait the fair weather to make a trip there again! Next time I also ask permission to enter the field of mining.