10+ Cute DIY Jewelry Tutorials

10 really easy and cute jewelry tutorials for those who likes originality and handcrafting.

Easy Chunky Leather Bracelet Tutorial

leatherbracelettutorial Source: Lebenslustiger

Beaded Statement Necklace


This tutorial teaches you a simple way about how to make beaded statement necklace with a gradient of bead sizes and colors. Source: Pandahall LearningCenter

Tree of Life Pendant


Source: Instructables


Quilled Five Petal Flower Earrings


This is a simple pattern which is made by quilling five petal flowers. Source: Art Platter


Wild Spirit colorful summer bangles


Take some old bangles you have and buy some thin colorful string from any craft store (don’t worry it’s cheep) then add a for of glue at one end of the bangle and then rap the string all the way around (time consuming but worth it) then glue it on the other end and add cute charms for adorable colorful DIY bangles! Source: usefuldiy.com

Soda Can Top Pop Bracelet


For detailed description please visit: guidecentr.al

Mixed Metal Filigree Ball Necklace


This necklace is a great gift for adults or teens-and you can make it with very basic jewelry making skills. For detailed description please visit: infarrantlycreative

Safety Pin Bracelet


For detailed description please visit: Pinterest

Carolina Bucci Inspired Twister Bracelet


A wrist full of colorful stacks is a must have for summer.  It’s something that could be done in a number of colors if neon is not your color. For detailed description please visit: Why Buy it? DIY it.

Crossed Pearl Necklace


For detailed description please visit: Pinterest

The Tricia Necklace

necklace1 For detailed description please visit: wobisobi

Paper Quilled Rose Earrings

rose-large-2 For detailed description please visit: Honey’s Quilling

Jewelry from Recycled Plastic Bottles

blog photos march 2012 337 You can make making earrings and necklaces from empty plastic (PET) bottles and milk jugs!   You too can make your own jewelry from plastic bottles that would normally be thrown away or recycled.  For detailed description please visit: Poppy’s Money Tree House

Ric-Rac Rose Necklace

IMG_2742-2 For detailed description please visit: Out of the Attic