Spock – The Pain of Loss

I’ve desired for a Spock portrait long ago, and now the time has come. This is the first occasion when I use a tool other than plain graphite pencils. I’ve never tried color drawing before at all. I was afraid of it, but this portrait turned out better than I thought.

Spock - The Pain of Loss color print

Pastel portrait on green paper

Pastel chalks – noname from LIDL :), charcoal pencil (Derwent) on GREEN paper. Why? Spock’s blood is green, and it seemed a good idea to try out how’d green blood seen through the caucasian skin.

Captain Kirk disappears while trying to rescue the USS Defiant. Spock must accept the fact that his friend is no longer alive.
Star Trek Episode 3×09, The Tholian Web

High quality print of this artwork is available at my fine art gallery

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The Tholian Web

a side by side comparison of the original, and remastered versions

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